Thousands of Pre-Match, Prop Bets, and Live-Betting Opportunities

Knockout offers a fully-managed sports book solution, customisable to any brand. The platform includes event creation, odds compiling, risk management, customer support, payment processing and bet settlement.

Pre-Match Betting

It's important your pre-match sportsbook stands out from the rest. We work with our clients to ensure that not only you offer the top sporting matches in the world, but you can also customise your regional options to select local niche markets catering to your chosen demographic.

  • 35,000+
    Number of Events
  • 30+
    Number of Sports

Live-Match Betting

Live-match betting allows players the opportunity to place bets while the game is in progress. With our updated odds and real-time stats during the matches, we give players an immersive and engaging experience, resulting in a higher volume of bets placed.

  • 20,000+
    Number of Events
  • 23+
    Number of Sports

Fully Customisable Interface

In addition to the style and colors, the fully customisable interface enables operators to change the order of the navigation, the terminology used and events offered in the featured section.

Live Streaming Events

Players can follow the live action directly from the sports book interface. Knockout's portfolio of live streamed sporting events includes: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Snooker, Darts, Cricket, Squash, Footsal and Ice Hockey.

Additional Features

  • Real-time player activity and sportsbook performance reporting

  • Bonus platform including free bets, deposit bonus and bet

  • Custom event creation and odds compilation

  • Multi-currency support & Multilingual support

  • Mobile friendly, compatible with all browsers

  • Wide range of betting markets and sports

  • Diverse availability of betting types

  • Round-the-clock risk management

  • Full-time odds management

  • Customisable player limits